When Innocence Dies
[Tales of Innocence Multi-Muse blog. Featuring Spada, Ange, Hermana, Ricardo and some antagonists. Possibly will include Devas Gods too.]

Just to let you all know, I’ve moved to a different blog.


I’ll check up here every once in a while, though…

"Doubt anyone in this world misses me… I miss my bud."

"Spada, if you say that and keep frowning, your face will be stuck like that."

"Indeed. It would be such a shame if the Young Master’s face was stuck like that."

"Oi. Quiet, you. Don’t wanna hear it."

"I ain’t sayin’ nothin’. In fact, Kongwai said it all."




“H-hello? :3”


“Good morning~”

Good morning. c: it’s nice to meet you. (hjdahjdsajhjksadhre ;u; is still unsure of how to act when meeting new people)

"A pleasure to meet you as well. Isn’t it nice out?" Ange smiled before tilting her head. "My name is Ange Serena. I’m the Holy Maiden here at Naos.. Are you here to visit the Church?"

[Relaaax, Aijo. It’s me. owo]


“H-hello? :3”

"Good morning~"